Last realease : 09/12/2001

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The LibModbus

Feature :

LibModbus is a simple modbus toolbox for Linux. This library contents master, slave and serial port configuration routines.
To know more about libmodbus view documentation.
Download libmodus :
libmodbus-0.0.1.tar.gz (38Ko)
Installing :
type : make install
Linking with your program :
After installing libmodbus, just type #include <modbus.h> on the top of your program and compile it with the following line :
gcc -o my_program my_program.c -lmodbus

Technical description :

Libmodbus is a dynamic library, you can easily link it with your own program. It use linux thread library for more efficiency.
Today libmodus is on 0.0.1 version, maybe there is a lot of bugs and things to change. Write to me if you found one.
This library is under GPL (GNU Public Licence). You can download, use and copping it. You can also modifying program sources.
Libmodbus and all other software and programs on this website are free and distributed without any warranty.


This small application show how to use the libmodbus. It was written in C.

To download it click here : gmbc-0.0.1.tar.gz (46Ko)



Funny stuff : Le compte est toujours bon !


Here is a small software to show a cool algorithm I found it in a computer magazine.
You can choose 6 numbers and you give a number to found between 1 and 999.
The program search the beast way to get the right result or the nearest result.

Download and enjoy it : compte_bon.tar.gz (18 Ko)